Man exists in a 3D State of Being on the Earth aka (the [E]state of Man). Man does not
Ā evidenced by 2D paper.

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Imagine if there was No War, No Conflict, No Pollution, No Poverty, No Taxes.
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Jurisdiction & Cognizance

CORPORATIONS only exist in LEGAL-LAND. LEGAL-LAND JURISDICTION only applies to CORPORATIONS and those acting in a CORPORATE capacity (for example: PUBLIC SERVANTS and CORPORATE employees). LEGAL-LAND TAXES only apply to CORPORATIONS. Once this vital information is taught generally and made clear positive change will follow.



Positive Money

In 2D LEGAL-LAND: debt is the basis of all currency. We call such currency: "Negative Currency". By using Positive Currency created from the Credit of the people, in place of Negative Currency, we can eradicate the need for the taxation of people, and in so doing, restore spending power to the people and free all people from debt.




According to the scripture: man [king] & woman queen] have dominion over the Earth (the [e]state of of man). There is enough inhabitable land mass for each of us to thrive. You can choose to exist in the Kingdom of god [king of kings] and enjoy the natural abundance, or you can be subservient to one of the man-made CORPORATE KINGDOMS as you are now.

Meet William

Until eight months ago, William was considered a LUNATIC.

For more than forty years of his life William believed that PUBLIC SERVANTS were infallible, and that he had no means of challenging what they did, or what they said.

William's entire life was founded on the belief that he must do as he was told or incur some kind of punishment; that he was nothing special; that he was not unique; that his life had no meaning; that he was nothing more than a tool of the CORPORATE STATE: a source of TAX REVENUE ~ a LEGAL PERSON!

What was it that caused William to adopt this STATE of MIND and live in an endless STATE of FEAR?

What was it that caused William to abandon the Estate of Dominion over the Earth?

The answer is simple: CONDITIONING.

How did William come back from 2D NEVER-LAND to claim the rights of the crown he was born with?

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Now is the time to get back to reality, for man exists at all times in a natural state of being, and should not be forced toĀ serve a LIFE sentence subjected to a
borne of a sick, and evil MIND.


a man, Immanuel

existing in 3D State of Being within the Kingdom of god on the earth
(aka the [e]state of man).

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